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May 5, 2010 § Leave a comment

Remember that post about Spark?

She’s just uploaded two new songs ‘Blow’ and ‘Damage Done’ to her MySpace…go ch-ch-check them out. Like now.




April 11, 2010 § Leave a comment

(Warning: Contains more Marina gushing)

Spark is an 18 year old singer from London. Her real name is Jess Morgan, she’s been writing songs since she was 12 and according to her MySpace if you want a good idea of what she’s like you should do the following:

“Create this image in your head: Female. Eighteen years old but with a combination of characteristics in both personality and musicality that make her seem both 5 and 35 at times. Hair as black as night, skin that’s almost see through and blood red lips. Got that image? Okay. Good. Because this is Spark.”

Spark makes sparkling pop tracks that capture your imagination through being both irritatingly catchy and bouncingly energetic. ‘Revolving’ features lush vocal layering and a slight synth edge, whilst ‘Shut Out The Moon’ takes more of a drum-pop approach, although this is enhanced by tinkling piano riffs, electric guitar parts and even some handclaps for good measure.¬†Whilst attempts at in-depth reviews are futile (both songs and information are scarce), I’m certainly extremely interested to see what this girl’s future holds.

Listen to the tracks here.

How did I come by this unknown singer who has only a MySpace featuring 3 songs? Marina Diamandis. Ever since she quit Twitter last week she’s been getting back to the pre-hype (read: pre-Perez) days and blogging regularly about music, tours and clothes. Might sound wholly boring to you but if it turns up more audible feasts like this you probably should pay attention…

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