Robyn – Call Your Girlfriend (Music Video)

June 2, 2011 § Leave a comment

Robyn just released the video for the latest single from Body Talk, ‘Call Your Girlfriend’. It’s simple yet fantastic, showcasing Robyn’s enviable dance skills as she throws herself around an empty warehouse that fills with lights, transforming a dull empty space into the electric atmosphere that Robyn creates at every one of her shows. It’s one shot, all the way through, a 03:31 slice of energy and passion.


Savage Skulls & Douster – Bad Gal (feat. Robyn)

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Savage Skulls are a Swedish electronic duo, and Douster is a producer who hails from Lyon, France. They have come together to release ‘Bad Gal’ on the Mad Decent label, with vocals coming courtesy of the always mind-blowing Robyn. The official video was released recently, watch it below. The track features beats that will burrow into your head, accompanied by electronics that fall somewhere between sounds you’d find in a video-game and a jungle. Sounds peculiar but it’s energetic and fun; Savage Skulls & Douster produce a sound that manages to be their own, whilst still maintaining the energy and feel of the music that has come to represent Mad Decent. Listen to the track, and you’ll be singing “Bad gal, oh oh” all day long.

Ears Full #3 [Adele / Entrepreneurs / Fenech Soler / Hudson Mohawke / Leo Zero / Marnie Stern / Robyn ]

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This week my ears have been full of tracks old, new, and only recently discovered. I saw Marnie Stern last night and was blown away by her live set, her music sounds quite different now that I’ve seen it performed in front of my eyes. Another performer who blew me away recently (although this was through the medium of television) was Adele. Everyone was talking about her Jools Holland performance, and in this case the hype was completely justified. ‘Someone Like You’ is an incredible song which she executed with a breathtaking perfection, and I’ve been listening to it ever since. The other tracks are songs I’d somehow missed when they were released, or had forgotten just how good they were. And then we have ROBYN (look at that, almost made it through a whole post without mentioning her). Both Body Talk Pt. 3 and the full Body Talk album have been released this week, and ‘Call Your Girlfriend’ is a magnificent way to end what has been a triumphant series of albums. Play loudly and frequently.



Fenech Soler

Hudson Mohawke

Leo Zero

Marnie Stern


Robyn – ‘Indestructible’ (Behind The Scenes)

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All of my posts have been Robyn related recently. I could apologise, but I wouldn’t mean it in the slightest.

This video has just surfaced, it’s from Lucy McRae who developed the now legendary ‘water jacket’ in the video for ‘Indestructible’. She is an incredible artist from Australia who works mainly on body architecture (she also provided the art direction for all three of the Body Talk covers). This clip shows behind the scene footage of the music video; Lucy’s voiceover providing information on a project which took 2 years to develop. It’s incredibly interesting, and in some ways more entertaining than the actual music video itself!

And of course Robyn is as perfect as always.

Robyn – Indestructible (Edit)

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She’s gone and done it again. Beautiful ballad turned into huge, bass-filled stomper. AMAZING. Now excuse me while I listen to it for 6 hours….

(You can also listen to the remixes of Indestructible – they’re goood – here on Robyn’s page on Facebook)

Indestructible (Edit) by robyn

Robyn – Hang With Me (Remixes)

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I posted the video for Robyn’s latest single, ‘Hang With Me’ a while back. And just because I love her so much, here are the remixes as well. Enjoy!

Hang With Me by robyn

Robyn – Hang With Me (Music Video)

July 26, 2010 § Leave a comment

Robyn’s next single will be ‘Hang With Me’, a track which was featured acoustically on her latest album Body Talk Pt. 1, but which the single version of can be found on her upcoming album Body Talk Pt. 2. Got all that? Okay, here’s the video for the single. It features footage from her tour travels, and proves that videos made on tour can still be well shot and entertaining! (See this for another great example) Yes, it may feature footage of the Rough Trade in store I had to miss due to still not living in London, and yes there may be many shots of the incredible hair that I just can’t have, but Robyn is cute and I love her. That is all.

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