Penguin Prison – Multi Millionaire

May 22, 2011 § Leave a comment

Penguin Prison makes such highly enjoyable music. Each time I hear a new track, I’m unsurprised yet energized and thrilled. He (Penguin Prison is the project of NYC’s Chris Glover) uses the same kind of beats, the same kind of electrical instrumentation, but always in a way the invokes new and sparkling vistas. Whether they be the images of sunshine filled summers, or dancing until the early hours, we all need more of this uplifting music in our lives. Enjoy.



April 7, 2010 § Leave a comment

Neon Gold Records is basically two American college kids who decided to save up some money, work really hard, and release some records. Somehow this idea has developed in to a giant ball of amazingness. They were instrumental in the early stages of the careers of Marina & the diamonds and Ellie Goulding, and have also released records for Yes Giantess, Freelance Whales, Passion Pit, The Sound of Arrows and Penguin Prison. All incredible artists.

Their blog is frequently updated with their new artists as well as remixed tracks and free mp3s. This blog has become a major source of excitement in my life. Recently I have especially enjoyed new tracks from Mr. Little Jeans, GROUP and Oberhofer. Head on over to the blog for the free downloads.

Neon Gold I love you. I wish all record labels were as fresh, exciting and passionate as this.

Ellie Goulding – Starry Eyed (Penguin Prison Remix Feat. Theophilus London)

February 9, 2010 § Leave a comment

I’m starting to buy into the Ellie Goulding hype. Which is still all very peculiar seeing as there are only really two songs doing the rounds (Under the Sheets and Starry Eyed). Starry Eyed has received the remix treatment from so many different bands, producers, random people with access to remix software, that it’s hard to remember which is actually Ellie’s original version! This particular remix however, is VERY enjoyable. It features Brooklyn hip-hop artist Theophilus London, who is receiving a lot of excitable attention himself, and Penguin Prison, a New York producer and artist in his own right. This is the best of all the Starry Eyed remixes I’ve heard (so far, who knows how many more will appear)….enjoy:

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