Niki & the Dove – The Drummer

August 23, 2011 § Leave a comment


Huw Stephens sat in for Zane Lowe last night, and played a new Niki & the Dove song which you can stream via this link (skip to 1hr 15).

The track has much more of dance vibe than what we’ve heard from the band so far, it focuses more on an upbeat tempo and less on the atmospheric instrumentation found on ‘Under The Bridges’ or ‘Mother Protect’. Not that this makes it any less great, it still sounds like Niki & the Dove and still makes my heart beat a little faster with excitement.


Niki And The Dove – The Fox 12″

June 15, 2011 § Leave a comment

Niki And The Dove’s debut album has a tentative release date of ‘late 2011, early 2011’. RIGHT NOW is when I’d quite like it to appear, but patience is a virtue I’ve heard, so for now we have to be satisfied with the release of ‘The Fox’ as a single. The band are now signed to Sub Pop (hells yeah) who released the single as a 12″ this week, you can buy it here and stream the tracks featured below.

Niki And The Dove @ Electrowerkz (24/05/11)

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With some gigs, it’s all about the venue. Acoustics, lighting, capacity, proximity of bar from stage…these things create the atmosphere which contributes to the success or failure of the night. Other times however, all of these things pale into insignificance as the band you watch transport you to another place all together. Never have I witnessed this happen quite like it did on Tuesday night as Niki And The Dove played Electrowerkz (Angel, London). « Read the rest of this entry »

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