Niki & the Dove – The Drummer

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Huw Stephens sat in for Zane Lowe last night, and played a new Niki & the Dove song which you can stream via this link (skip to 1hr 15).

The track has much more of dance vibe than what we’ve heard from the band so far, it focuses more on an upbeat tempo and less on the atmospheric instrumentation found on ‘Under The Bridges’ or ‘Mother Protect’. Not that this makes it any less great, it still sounds like Niki & the Dove and still makes my heart beat a little faster with excitement.


[Music Video] Marina & the diamonds – Radioactive

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Marina & the diamonds just premiered her new single ‘Radioactive’ on Radio 1, and the accompanying video on her official site.

Marina had already said this single would be different to her previous material, and well…it is. It’s electro-pop at it’s best, and has much more of a dance feel than anything on The Family Jewels. In true Marina style though, the lyrics reference heartbreak and emotional turmoil…perfect.

[Album Review] Thomas Tantrum – Mad By Moonlight

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On Mad By Moonlight, Southampton’s Thomas Tantrum offer up addictive melodies, vocals that charm and captivate, and instrumentation which invokes dreamlike musings. This faraway imagery is a device rather than an accidental outcome: the band based the album on sleep, and the problems that a lack of it can create. With guitar riffs that recall The Cure’s lighter moments, and vocals with the intonation of an early Gwen Stefani mixed with the tones of Chew Lips’ Tigs, these songs are light-hearted yet laden with emotional tones, drawing the listener into a world that is meaningful even in its light-hearted moments. « Read the rest of this entry »

Niki And The Dove – The Fox 12″

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Niki And The Dove’s debut album has a tentative release date of ‘late 2011, early 2011’. RIGHT NOW is when I’d quite like it to appear, but patience is a virtue I’ve heard, so for now we have to be satisfied with the release of ‘The Fox’ as a single. The band are now signed to Sub Pop (hells yeah) who released the single as a 12″ this week, you can buy it here and stream the tracks featured below.

Get People – Rain Tears EP

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It’s been a while since I heard anything new from Get People, the London trio who make a kind of tropical pop. They have two new tracks up on their Soundcloud, which are set to feature on their new EP, Rain Tears. It’s being released on Friends vs Records on July 11th (with a launch party at The Old Blue Last which I’ll definitely be attending!). The two tracks below, ‘Rain Tears’ and ‘Away’ will be featured on the EP and retain the same elements that made me love Get People as soon as I first heard their music. Energetic yet cathartic; foreign and fresh yet strangely familiar, these are songs that endear themselves to the listener. The tropical instrumentation is similar to that used in earlier tracks such as ‘Deity’ and ‘Light’, but the production is tighter, showing that the band have developed over the past year. Listen to the new tracks below.

Memory Tapes – Yes I Know (Music Video)

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Memory Tapes’ second album Player Piano is set to be released in just a few weeks on July 4th. Having absolutely adored debut album Seek Magic (and being lucky enough to attend Dayve Hawk’s first live gig as Memory Tapes) I am excitedly awaiting this new release. To tide us all over until then, here’s the new video for a track taken from Player Piano entitled ‘Yes I Know’.

Beautiful yet eerie, the video will hold you captivated throughout. The scenes takes in misty street vistas and a man who disappears right before your eyes. The rolling camera work evokes the sense that you’re in someone else’s head, taking a trip with them as they travel through streets and towns. The last scene, where a flock of birds spell out the word ‘Gone’ as the disappearing man vanishes completely, is stunningly beautiful. Highly impressive work from director Eric Epstein and director of photography Aaron Epstein.

Memory Tapes “Yes I Know” from Najork on Vimeo.


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Teeth (/TEETH!!!/T3ETH) are a trio from Dalston who recently blasted into my life, providing my ears with the sharp sound they’ve unconsciously been craving for the past few months. Their electro/punk/synth sounds have led to inevitable comparisons with Crystal Castles, and on first listening to ‘See Spaces’, it could be easy to see why. There are definitely similarities between the two, with female vocals layered over synths, but on ‘Time Changes’ it’s clear that Teeth are very much their own band. The track builds from a single repetitive beat, bursting into drums and echoed, aggressive vocals that rattle in your head, as synths moan and drums crash frenetically. A cacophony of sound that stays with you long after listening.

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