Marina & the diamonds – Obsessions (oOoOO Remix)

November 24, 2010 § 1 Comment

This incredible remix from oOoOO has just surfaced. He (Christopher Dexter Greenspan) has taken Marina & the diamonds’ ‘Obsessions’ and transformed it into a dark, synth-laden, emotionally wraught track. The original was emotional enough, with Marina’s dramatic vocals accompanied by crisp and crescendoing piano chords. Here however, the vocals are echoed and drawn out, adding a mysterious and laboured effect to the song. The original featured a woman questioning a relationship; here she tortures herself over where it went wrong, as both vocals and instrumentation echo and reverberate. Get the track for free here at Neon Gold.

I already liked oOoOO, but now I quite adore him.


The Knocks – Make It Better (Free Download)

August 13, 2010 § Leave a comment

I’m a self proclaimed Neon Gold junkie. So when I didn’t automatically fall in love with The Knocks, I got a little worried. ‘Something I Can Dance To’ was enjoyable, but did it hit me like tracks from Mr. Little Jeans or Dom did? Nope. It’s all okay now though, because their newest track, ‘Make It Better’, has been making my ears very happy. It has to be said that it was much more appealing when I was walking along in the sunshine, rather than looking out of my window onto a grey and dilapidated vista, but nevertheless it’s an uplifting jam that is bound to will you out of your blues and onto your feet.

You can get the 7″ here from Pure Groove, and grab the mp3 for free below thanks to the Neon Gold blog.

The Knocks – Make It Better

Mr. Little Jeans [UPDATED]

June 15, 2010 § Leave a comment

I mentioned Mr. Little Jeans a while back whilst I was raving about Neon Gold Records. The first two songs I heard were ‘Angel’, which I immediately fell in love with, and ‘Faking Gold’, which I also liked, but feared was too similar to ‘Angel’. Would Mr. Little Jeans turn out to be a one trick pony? A one hit wonder before she’s even a hit?

Fear not. I visited her MySpace page today and have had the tracks on repeat ALL DAY. The similarities between ‘Angel’ and ‘Faking Gold’ aren’t debatable, they stick to the rock pop formula – uptempo lighthearted songs which appeal to the part of you that really enjoys barbeques in the sun and dancing around barefoot. ‘Demolition Man’ fits into this category as well. However, ‘Stones in the Attic’, and my favourite, ‘Demolition’ show there is something more to Mr. Little Jeans. ‘Demolition’ carries on the energy found in the other tracks, but with a killer (and addictive) beat, layered vocals, and a hook that will have you singing after the first play. ‘Stones in the Attic’ on the other hand, is a more downbeat number, with the focus more on vocals and harmonies. A lovely track!! Check all of these out at Mr. Little Jean’s MySpace.

Neon Gold are releasing her first single, the ‘Angel EP’, today released her first single, the ‘Angel EP’ on June 7th. They’re sticking with their ‘7″ vinyl single limited to 300 copies’ format (which I love by the way), so if you want one head to the Pure Groove store now to get your copy (the Neon Gold store if you’re in the US).

[UPDATE] Neon Gold are continuing to be wonderful and are giving you Mr. Little Jeans’ version of Beyoncé’s ‘Single Ladies’ for free. Read their original post about the track here, and download the track below.

Mr. Little Jeans – Single Ladies

Marina & the diamonds – I Am Not A Robot EP

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As previously mentioned Marina & the diamonds’ next single is ‘I Am Not A Robot’, set to be released April 26th. The EP is set to feature the aforementioned remix from Passion Pit, as well as contributions from Clock Opera and Doorly. The Clock Opera remix has been highly praised by both Marina’s label 679 Artists and Neon Gold (who went as far as to say it was their favourite remix ever. Yes EVER!) so understandably I am quite looking forward to that one. Get this limited edition signed 7” from Pure Groove while you can!

You can also hear a remix by Fool’s Gold (and download the free mp3) over at The Fader. Fool’s Gold have definitely infused their own sound onto the track, making it less of a remix and more of a ‘Robot’/’Surprise Hotel’ mash-up. Not that it makes a difference, it’s very listenable and makes Robot more of a danceable jam!! Get the Penguin Prison remix (also great!) whilst you’re over there..thanks Fader!


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Neon Gold Records is basically two American college kids who decided to save up some money, work really hard, and release some records. Somehow this idea has developed in to a giant ball of amazingness. They were instrumental in the early stages of the careers of Marina & the diamonds and Ellie Goulding, and have also released records for Yes Giantess, Freelance Whales, Passion Pit, The Sound of Arrows and Penguin Prison. All incredible artists.

Their blog is frequently updated with their new artists as well as remixed tracks and free mp3s. This blog has become a major source of excitement in my life. Recently I have especially enjoyed new tracks from Mr. Little Jeans, GROUP and Oberhofer. Head on over to the blog for the free downloads.

Neon Gold I love you. I wish all record labels were as fresh, exciting and passionate as this.

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