[Music Video] Marina & the diamonds – Radioactive

August 22, 2011 § Leave a comment

Marina & the diamonds just premiered her new single ‘Radioactive’ on Radio 1, and the accompanying video on her official site.

Marina had already said this single would be different to her previous material, and well…it is. It’s electro-pop at it’s best, and has much more of a dance feel than anything on The Family Jewels. In true Marina style though, the lyrics reference heartbreak and emotional turmoil…perfect.


Marina & the diamonds – Obsessions (oOoOO Remix)

November 24, 2010 § 1 Comment

This incredible remix from oOoOO has just surfaced. He (Christopher Dexter Greenspan) has taken Marina & the diamonds’ ‘Obsessions’ and transformed it into a dark, synth-laden, emotionally wraught track. The original was emotional enough, with Marina’s dramatic vocals accompanied by crisp and crescendoing piano chords. Here however, the vocals are echoed and drawn out, adding a mysterious and laboured effect to the song. The original featured a woman questioning a relationship; here she tortures herself over where it went wrong, as both vocals and instrumentation echo and reverberate. Get the track for free here at Neon Gold.

I already liked oOoOO, but now I quite adore him.

Marina & the diamonds on KCRW

July 15, 2010 § Leave a comment

Marina & the diamonds recently made her American radio debut, performing a set for KCRW. You can watch the full thing here, it’s wonderful and features a stripped back piano version of her latest single ‘Oh No!’ which you can view below.

Marina & the diamonds – Oh No! (Video Premiere) + David’s Lyre Remix

June 28, 2010 § Leave a comment

After a very leaky weekend, Marina & the diamonds has released the video for her new single ‘Oh No!’ a day earlier than planned. It’s just as amazing as the previously posted ‘behind the scenes’ video led us to believe it would be, with the cartoon/pop-art side of Marina & the diamonds perfectly showcased. It’s like a clip from ZZZap! (if you don’t remember it you are either far too young or far too old), with the colours, speech bubbles, and choreography adding perfectly to the already energetic vibe of the song.

Watch below! (And if you’re anything like me, have the chorus routine learnt within 3 watches)

You can also get the amazing David’s Lyre remix of Oh No! free here. David’s Lyre is fast becoming a favourite of mine, expect a post in the next couple of days…

There’s also the Sanna & Pitron Club Mix of the song. I’m not a big fan of club mixes in general, if you are you’ll probably enjoy this:

Marina & the diamonds – ‘Oh No!’ Video Update + Remixes

June 23, 2010 § Leave a comment

The next single from Marina & the diamonds is ‘Oh No!’, one of the most wonderful tracks from The Family Jewels. It is set to be released July 26th, with the video (directed by ‘Hollywood’ director Kinga Burza) dropping next Tuesday (June 29th). Vogue filmed a ‘Making Of..’ for their website which you can view below. It features “zany neon” colours, choreography, latex dresses, burgers stuffed with dollar bills and Marina wrapped in bubble wrap. This is going to be an AMAZING video.

Two remixes of the single have surfaced so far, from Grum and Active Child. Active Child completely changes the track, leaving only a few vocals which are chopped and staggered over heavy dub-like beats and synths, giving the track a whole new heavy electro feel. Grum leaves the majority of the vocals intact but layers them over a heavier dance beat, adding synths and electro elements that give the track much more of a club vibe. Both are remixed well but my playcounts tell me I’m favouring Grum’s…

Thanks goes to Sheena Beaston and MuuMuse for bringing us the remixes, head here to Sheena Beaston for the Active Child remix, and here to MuuMuse for the Grum remix.

Marina & the Diamonds – Obsessions (for ITV2 @ IOW)

June 15, 2010 § Leave a comment

Marina & the Diamonds played the Isle of Wight festival last Friday, and recorded this special performance of ‘Obsessions’ in ITV2’s backstage area. It is quite beautiful.

Marina & the diamonds @ Manchester Academy 23/05/10

May 30, 2010 § Leave a comment

The last time Marina & the Diamonds played Manchester, it was at the 200 or so capacity Deaf Institute, a charming and much loved venue, but ultimately just a room above a trendy bar. Whilst that crowd had its fair share of Diamonds (they’re the fans, come on you now that by now), this time there is a much more palpable excitement in the air. It could be the heat of what is likely to be Manchester’s only weekend of sun that has caused the energetic buzz in the room, but most likely it’s the anticipation of seeing what audible and visual treats will be thrown out to the crowd by Ms. Diamandis tonight. « Read the rest of this entry »

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