Crystal Castles (Feat. Robert Smith) – Not In Love

October 26, 2010 § Leave a comment

Crystal Castles have just released these 3 minutes and 47 seconds of sheer bliss into the world. It’s the duos new single, a remix of their track ‘Not In Love’, featuring Robert Smith on vocals. Robert bloody Smith. My mind melted as soon as I heard that this collaboration was going to take place, and the results do not disappoint. Although, having said that, it isn’t Crystal Castles strongest work. ‘Not In Love’ (a cover of Platinum Blonde) isn’t one of my favourite tracks on Crystal Castles II, with the beats lacking a little something; they aren’t as sharply unique as usual. However, the clarity and emotion that Smith’s vocals add to the track make it something special. The original vocals were sung by Ethan Kath, in a pitch-distorted, skewed fashion which gave the track a feeling of detachment and distance. Robert Smith’s take on them adds a whole new dimension. Hearing Crystal Castles mixed with the emotion and vulnerability of Robert Smith’s lyrics makes this highly enjoyable.


Crystal Castles – Baptism (Music Video)

October 8, 2010 § Leave a comment

Crystal Castles just released the video for ‘Baptism’. It’s honestly one of the worst videos I’ve seen recently; Alice Glass sways and bops like her usual maniacal self, Christopher Chartrand (I think, could be Ethan?) drums whilst wearing an extremely creepy mask, footage of backstage areas and burning houses play in the background. The production values seem shoddy and there’s really nothing special to report. It does all seem to fit in with the band’s ‘we don’t really give a fuck attitude’ though.

So why post?? Well, Crystal Castles drew me into a trance-like state of fandom whilst seeing them perform at Leeds Festival. This song struck the killer blow, and therefore anything relating to it must be mentioned. You don’t really need to look at the video I suppose, just listen and let the raving begin.


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Teeth (/TEETH!!!/T3ETH) are a trio from Dalston who recently blasted into my life, providing my ears with the sharp sound they’ve unconsciously been craving for the past few months. Their electro/punk/synth sounds have led to inevitable comparisons with Crystal Castles, and on first listening to ‘See Spaces’, it could be easy to see why. There are definitely similarities between the two, with female vocals layered over synths, but on ‘Time Changes’ it’s clear that Teeth are very much their own band. The track builds from a single repetitive beat, bursting into drums and echoed, aggressive vocals that rattle in your head, as synths moan and drums crash frenetically. A cacophony of sound that stays with you long after listening.

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Crystal Castles

May 5, 2010 § Leave a comment

I haven’t written about this album yet because I’ve been way too busy listening to it on repeat. Whilst dancing, sleeping, reading, running…seriously EVERYTHING.

I’m not even going to write a full review, I’m just going to say that if this record isn’t in your life already I am more than slightly disappointed in you, but will give you a few hours to rectify your mistake.

‘Baptism’ has been my favourite track since first listen, every time I play it I get so excited about seeing them live at Leeds that I really nearly throw up. Nice visual for you there.

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