Jessie J talks to Zane Lowe

February 7, 2011 § Leave a comment

She may have an incredible voice and a killer personality, but Jessie J has something else too…awareness. This girl knows exactly what the music industry is all about, and she isn’t about to let it swallow her up. It seems that a lot of people took ‘Do It Like A Dude’ at face value, and whilst I’m not sure how that much irony can be mistaken, Jessie is more than happy to explain that the song was a direct attack on the glaring errors that have become so standard in today’s music industry. In this interview with Zane Lowe she talks about the years since she was first signed, how she developed direct connections with her fans, and why she doesn’t plan to be dictated to any time soon. She’s wonderful.


Come party with Lady Gaga (Caitlin Moran’s Times Interview)

May 22, 2010 § 5 Comments

Caitlin Moran was recently granted the rare opportunity to interview Lady Gaga. The interview was published today, and the results are nothing but mind-blowing. Seriously, this is all anyone can, and should, be talking about today. I was already a huge Gaga fan, but in this article the woman surpasses all of my expectations and my love for her is now reborn and renewed. Think I’m talking a load of bollocks? Get stuck into this bad boy (but get settled first, it’s quite a beast).

“There’s nothing quite like watching a plane take off without you to really focus your mind on how much you want to be on it. As flight BA987 knifes off the runway, and begins its journey to Berlin, I’m watching it through a window in the departures lounge – still holding the ticket for seat 12A in my hand.

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