[Album Review] Thomas Tantrum – Mad By Moonlight

June 17, 2011 § Leave a comment

On Mad By Moonlight, Southampton’s Thomas Tantrum offer up addictive melodies, vocals that charm and captivate, and instrumentation which invokes dreamlike musings. This faraway imagery is a device rather than an accidental outcome: the band based the album on sleep, and the problems that a lack of it can create. With guitar riffs that recall The Cure’s lighter moments, and vocals with the intonation of an early Gwen Stefani mixed with the tones of Chew Lips’ Tigs, these songs are light-hearted yet laden with emotional tones, drawing the listener into a world that is meaningful even in its light-hearted moments.

On tracks such as ‘Face The Music’ and ‘Turning Blue’, Megan Thomas’ vocals are direct yet not overpowering, retaining an edge that makes them seem personal and intimate. Stand out tracks come in the form of ‘Cold Gold’, and singles ‘Sleep’ and ‘Hot Hot Summer’, in which slightly more broken up beats add a little edge to the tracks; a blend of indie pop with a funk-ish tinge.

However, ‘All In Your Head’ is the real star of the record. It’s a more delicate number made up of floating harmonies, echoed drum beats, and frail yet affecting vocals that impact upon the emotions. The previous tracks have all been short bursts of energy, but here the track swirls and flutters, bringing the record to an enchanting end. Final track ‘Supermodel’ continues this serene finale, the tinkle of a xylophone and gentler tones of an acoustic guitar bringing a thoroughly lovable record to an close.

Megan and Dave from the band recently recorded an acoustic version of album opener ‘(Tick Tock) Satie’. It’s really lovely, with the stripped back nature allowing the vocals and guitar parts to shine. Check it out below.

Visit Thomas Tantrum here, buy the record here!


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