Video Villain – Fearless

March 14, 2011 § Leave a comment

If there’s one good thing about my quest to carve out a musical related career (a quest that is otherwise depressing, disheartening and bankrupting) it’s that I’m hungrier than ever to hear new music. Researching companies leads me to all kinds of new sounds, as I try to familiarise myself with the bands that I one day hope to be working with (a girl can but dream). Case in point: today I applied for work experience at a PR company and ended up falling slightly in love with a track by a band called Video Villains.

Video Villain’s MySpace describes them as ‘Club/Industrial/Punk’, but honestly I think this is downright dirty pop music. It’s a heavy, gritty pop, with elements of all the things they label themselves as, but with killer chant-like vocals and drums that could have been taken straight from Britney’s (amazing) single ‘Circus’. Take that song, mix with a little Daft Punk, a little Shiny Toy Guns (circa We Are Pilots), and you have ‘Fearless’. Listen below, the track is available to buy on iTunes here. You can also watch the pretty mental video below, it reminds me of True Blood when that hot mental lady starting possessing everyone….



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