Memory Tapes – Today Is Our Life (+ AMAZING S.I.C compilation)

January 31, 2011 § Leave a comment

Memory Tapes have been away for far too long. Dayve Hawk has been busy doing who knows what (hopefully mainly making more delicious music), and whilst the remixes posted to his blog have somewhat filled the void, it’s nice to have him back in his own right. ‘Today Is Our Life’ is a track taken from his as yet untitled second album, the follow up to Seek Magic (which is still one of my favourite LPs of the past few years). The track is instantly recognizable as being Memory Tapes, whilst still sounding completely fresh. Hawk’s vocals are like an old friend, guiding us through a 5 minute long dream that at first dawdles, and then becomes full of energy as guitar parts are layered over synths, keys, drums….too many parts to name. Half the fun of Seek Magic was trying to guess what the hell all the sounds were, and here the game continues. Welcome back Memory Tapes. We missed you. (You can get the mp3 here at GvsB)

The track comes via the Something In Construction compilation Love Sic Disco. SIC are celebrating their 100th release by giving away a fricking awesome compilation for free via The Guardian. It features tracks from ANR, Loney Dear, MNDR and Houses amongst others. WOW. Go here to download it, or stream via the Soundcloud player below.

Love SIC Disco by Something InConstruction


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