Bandcamp Surfing – Astro

October 26, 2010 § Leave a comment

Bandcamp surfing is always a trepidatious affair. With the hundreds of genre tags in front of me, the possible choices are endless. More often than I hesitate for an age before clicking something I know will yield enjoyable, yet not earth-shattering results (lo-fi anyone?). The sheer amount of music that is new, unheard and completely fresh to my ears overwhelms me to say the least. I enter a frame of mind where anything I hear is fantastic, incredible, life-changing!! Either that or it all sounds like the time Handy Andy tried to sing about hammers.

The point I’m trying to make here is that new music scares me: my incredible FOMO propels me towards new bands whilst simultaneously reminding me that I could be missing something amazing whilst wasting my time pretending to like Salem (I really cannot, and will not). However, every now and then, when I put all my ridiculous overthinking to one side, I stumble across things I really love. And so comes the point of this post – ‘Bandcamp Surfing’ will be a weekly (ish) post that details bands I have fallen in love with through my wary ventures on Bandcamp. Which I truly do love by the way, it’s a fantastic way for bands to make money from their tracks.

So that brings me to band #1 – Astro.

Astro hail from Santiago, Chile, and make music they describe on their MySpace as ‘Healing & Easy Listening/Surf/Visual’. Whuuuut?! I’m not really sure what that means, but who the hell knows what genres mean anymore? As far as I’m concerned, they make electro infused alt-pop tunes. They have a highly infectious sparkle to them, making them a joy to listen to. The thing that appeals to me most about this band is that rather than singing in English to appeal to the masses, they stick to their native Spanish. One of my favourite things about Spanish is the way i flows, and here the language adds an extra brightness to the music. Go here to Astro’s Bandcamp to see what the hell I’m wittering on about.


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