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Spectrals hit my ears recently, and were received quite warmly indeed. The man behind the name is L, a northerner who makes doo-wap inspired fuzz-pop. Or something like that. It’s continuing the hazy vibe I’ve been loving so much recently; songs that wash over you whilst subconsciously burrowing into your brain. ‘Keep Your Magic Out Of  My House’ is the track I’ve played most so far.

TLOBF (still easily my favourite site) has a brief interview with L. Not only are his songs splendid, he’s a Friends fan. All good by me.

A full length LP entitled Bad Penny is set to be released sometime this year, for now you can get a split 7″ with Fair Ohs on Tough Love Records here, and the ‘7th Date’ 7″ on Slumberland Records here.

Download – Spectrals – 7th Date

Spectrals – Keep Your Magic Out Of My House by musicmule

Spectrals – Rot With Me by musicmule

spectrals – its ok (not to be ok) by futuresoundstemporary

Spectrals- Leave Me Be by BoringByTheSea


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