Janelle Monáe – Cold War (Music Video)

August 12, 2010 § Leave a comment

Janelle Monáe continues to blow my mind. Sure she may talk about androids a whole lot, but no one can deny that she is incredibly talented. Hell, she embodies the word talent. Her music is passionate, well crafted and thoroughly planned out, from concept to production. Her performances are spirited, full of conviction and always note perfect. And now, in the video for her latest single ‘Cold War’, we see that she puts emotion into every aspect of her work. The clip sees Janelle perfecting the video in a single take. But by ‘perfecting’ I don’t mean achieving the pop star dream of flawless, semi-exposed writhing; I mean showing raw human emotion and using it to convey the power of what the song means to her.

Of all the tracks on The ArchAndroid, ‘Cold War’ first hit me as one of the least emotional. As soon as the beat kicked in, I wanted to dance and that was about it. However, after a few plays the line “I was made to believe there’s something wrong with me” began to hit me hard. Interestingly, this is the precise line at which Janelle breaks down in the video. Whatever the story behind that lyric may be, I find it incredibly refreshing (and highly reassuring) to see that not all artists need controversy to make themselves stand out. I’ll take an emotion filled one shot video over ‘naked on a cloud squirting cream from breasts’ any day of the week. Now if only the vast majority of the public would make the same decision….


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