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I know very little about Mona. The little that I do know is taken from their MySpace and their pre-order page on Rough Trade, which states the following:

“mona started as 3 piece (but are now a 4 piece) from ohio but moved to nashville last year. fronted by singer nick brown, they have written about 500 songs and play romantic rock n roll songs for the city folk. there is a massive buzz building as in every label is wanting to fly out and sign them. a cdr given to zane lowe on monday and played on tuesday. this is serious future ebay gold.”

Massive buzz”? “Future eBay gold”? Words that normally would send me running in the opposite direction thankfully mean nothing to me here, as I heard demo track ‘Lines In The Sand’ before reading about just how big the band are going to be on eBay (eBay?! Is this how we measure the quality of bands now?!).

‘Lines In The Sand’ is certainly alternative rock, but with something that makes it stand out from the rest. It’s old style rock and roll, with a ton of 21st century attitude thrown in for good measure. The sound is heavy and gritty, and with the band stating The Pixies, Nirvana and Led Zeppelin as influences it’s understandable. However, this grittiness is balanced perfectly by Nick Brown’s vocals, which manage to toe the fine line between smooth and harsh, making them laden with sentiment. With other influences stated to be Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan and Otis Redding, it’s clear that conveying emotion is just as important to this band as making a whole lot of noise.

Listen to the track here, I dare you to play it just once and not have that soaring chorus stuck in your head for days. If you like it as much as I do, pre-order the 7″ from Rough Trade here (set to be released September 9th). It features the track ‘Listen To Your Love’ which was played by Huw Stephens on Radio1 last week (you can catch it here for the next 3 days, it starts at 56:55).


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