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Teeth (/TEETH!!!/T3ETH) are a trio from Dalston who recently blasted into my life, providing my ears with the sharp sound they’ve unconsciously been craving for the past few months. Their electro/punk/synth sounds have led to inevitable comparisons with Crystal Castles, and on first listening to ‘See Spaces’, it could be easy to see why. There are definitely similarities between the two, with female vocals layered over synths, but on ‘Time Changes’ it’s clear that Teeth are very much their own band. The track builds from a single repetitive beat, bursting into drums and echoed, aggressive vocals that rattle in your head, as synths moan and drums crash frenetically. A cacophony of sound that stays with you long after listening.

Sadly, these are the only two songs currently available, although there are several remixes of ‘See Spaces’ (which is set to be the band’s first single, with ‘Time Changes’ as the b-side) floating around. Click here to visit Teeth’s MySpace to listen to both tracks as well as the Becoming Real and Dreamtrak remixes of ‘See Spaces’.

Memorable electro punk from a band whose full debut I eagerly anticipate!

The ‘See Spaces’ EP is out on Moshi Moshi on August 16th, you can pre-order it here.


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