Herzog – Search [Updated]

July 3, 2010 § Leave a comment

Herzog are my favourite artist of the week. Although ‘they’ are actually just musician Nick Tolar (with Dave McHenry, Brian Hill, Dan Price and Dave Rich currently joining him for live shows). He comes from Cleveland, Ohio, and recently released a split single with Yuck on Transparent Records, who are now releasing Herzog’s debut album Search. Physical copies are available from August 12th via Pure Groove (pre-order here), with the digital version available to buy here on Bandcamp. You can stream it via the Soundcloud player below:

Herzog – Search (Transparent Records)Herzo by Pure Groove

Herzog have an alt-rock sound, making fuzzy songs that sound like they’ve come straight from the 90s. Their laid back yet powerful sound recalls lazy summer days spent with friends, with songs that allow you to forget about the perils of modern living and imagine you live in a less stressful world, where your only worries are if the music is loud enough and if you have enough alcohol. Retro-sounding bands have really been resonating with me recently, perhaps because they provide such a welcome relief from all the auto-tuned/’urban’ bullshit I hear any time I dare to turn on mainstream radio or music channels.

Whatever the reason, Herzog sound great, and I highly recommend you listen to the album. You can even get two of the tracks for free. ‘Paul Blart And The Death Of Art’ was the song featured on the split-single, you can get it via the Bandcamp page, and ‘Living Alone’ (my personal favourite) you can grab below thanks to the wonderful Transparent blog.

Download – Herzog – Living Alone


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