Björk & Dirty Projectors – All We Are

July 1, 2010 § Leave a comment

Björk and Dirty Projectors have come together to make Mount Wittenburg Orca, a 7 track EP with profits benefitting the National Geographic Society Oceans Project. You can stream the final track ‘All We Are’ below thanks to Domino Records’ Soundcloud. I would never have expected theses two very distinct artists to mix well, but they come together to form a beautiful alliance, their vocals blending incredibly whilst still maintaining their individual styles. This song is haunting yet serene, and tranquil yet aggressive. It builds and grows, and manages to seem a lot longer than its actual length of 4.44. I especially love that the lines sung together are not duplicated; each artist sings with their own pronunciation, intonation and emphasis, giving the song a life of its own.

Dirty Projectors + Björk- All We Are by DominoRecordCo

The story of how the EP came about is an interesting one involving Dirty Projectors covering Björk, a charity event, and the lovely people over at Stereogum. Head over there and check out the full story here.


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