Eminem – Won’t Back Down (Feat. P!nk)

June 4, 2010 § Leave a comment

When Eminem recently released the tracklisting for his new album, many people were surprised to see appearances by Rihanna and P!nk. Oftentimes in the past Eminem has used popstars such as them as fodder for his verbal tirades; many of his fans were outraged and came out with intelligent and cerebral statements such as “OMFG WHY IS HE F***ING DOING A COLLABO WITH THESE B****ES WTF?!” (I paraphrased but that was the general gist).

I used to be an Eminem fan, I thought his raps were clever and fresh, and I actually respected him a lot. Now, though, it’s all a bit….below average. P!nk is an incredibly talented (and often overlooked) performer; having now heard the track, I think it completely wastes her talent. Theoretically, this could have been GREAT. There’s attitude aplenty, there’s a nifty beat in there too, but the lyrics are nothing special, and the way Eminem raps these days just makes me feel tense. P!nk plays her part perfectly of course, but the song is nowhere near as good as it should have been.


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