Wait What – The Notorious xx (Mixtape)

April 7, 2010 § Leave a comment

Have you heard this mixtape yet? Probably. I hope so.

I heard it at the beginning of the month when it was featured on one of my favourite blogs Pretty Much Amazing. I approached it skeptically, wondering how well Biggie and The xx would fit together, no matter how talented the remixer. There are moments where the combination does feel a little forced, when the tempo and lyrics of the original songs have had to be changed a little too much (or that could just be me and my intense love of every single second of The xx’s debut). This however, is an integral part of the remix process, and without a little adaptation this mixtape would never have worked. I’m happy to say that it really does, with the energy of Biggie’s lyrics bringing a fresh and bright element to the brilliance of The xx’s chilled tones. An ambitious but successful project.

wait what, the dj behind this project, was giving it away for free. But, with the music industry being what it is, he was quickly told to stop doing that. Check out what he had to say about that here

You can however, listen to and download the tracks with the help of the wonderful Soundcloud. Enjoy:


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