Steel Train – Turnpike Ghost

March 2, 2010 § Leave a comment

Steel Train are still touring with Tegan and Sara throughout the US. But they’ve found time to release this new track, ‘Turnpike Ghost’, to you for free through or their website.

Like most Steel Train songs, this one is filled with energy and vibrance. It’s short and sweet at just 2:45 but from the skipping intro to the thumping drums and lyrics telling you “you don’t have to live like that!”, this is Steel Train doing what Steel Train do best – making great upbeat music.

Lead singer Jack Antonoff told Spin the song was inspired by the Propaghandi lyric ‘When you jump ship, you can either swim to shore or drown.’ The song, and apparently the whole of Steel Train’s new album (as of yet unnamed and without a release date), take their inspiration from this notion, and are about “Getting the fuck out of bed with your mind open to the world around you. No bitterness.” Sounds good to me.



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