Erik Hassle – Hurtful

February 3, 2010 § Leave a comment

This song almost had me convinced I had finally lost my mind. I first heard it played on the radio a short while ago, wondered why it sounded so familiar, and how the hell did I know the words?! I worried I was experiencing delusions of grandeur in which I knew all music before it even exists, which could only lead to a manic episode, and eventually some kind of intervention resulting in my being led away in a straightjacket whilst screaming “I can fly”. Thankfully, before declaring my insanity, I took to the enlightening waves of the web.

At first, my confusion was only amplified as YouTube came up with at least 4 official videos. What?! However, after more research, I THINK that events have occured thus…Erik signed with Roxy Recordings in 2008. ‘Hurtful’ was released in his home country of Sweden and the UK that year, albeit relatively unsuccessfully. In 2009, he signed an international record deal with Island Records and Universal Republic. His new labels, realizing ‘Hurtful’ had not achieved its full potential as a single, decided to re-release the song. This time (I’m assuming with a little more money pumped into promotion) it is receiving airplay and Erik’s name is being mentioned more often, and a little louder, amongst the musical community.

Problem solved. I heard the song in 2008 but wasn’t familiar enough with it to remember that I knew it (if that makes any sense). As for the multiple videos, I have no idea what happened. If the label bosses commissioned each remake believing they could improve upon the last one, they’ve certainly reached their highest level with the most recent attempt. The video is simple, yet beautiful; dreamlike with its smoke and wispy reflections of what seem to be happier (or perhaps less faithful) times. Erik sings to the girl he has hurt, and as they walk towards each other the mental harm of his actions manifests itself into physical pain as the couple are shot through with bullets which blast through them in colourful explosions (a.k.a – watch. It’s pretty).



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