The Kills – 10th Anniversary Show @ Terminal 5, NYC

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On this evening 10 years ago, a duo under the name ‘VV + Hotel’ took to the tiny stage in Denmark St’s 12 Bar Club.

Ten years, 4 albums, and thousands of shows later, the music, chemistry and attitude of these two highly talented individuals, Alison Mosshart and Jamie Hince, is more authentic, exciting and passionate than any other band I can think of, never mind one who has been performing for ten years.

Happy 10th Anniversary The Kills. You are the best fucking band there ever was.


Charli XCX – Stay Away (Live)

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Electric Guest

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Some great sounds from LA band Electric Guest. The beginning and the end are almost two different songs, but blend seamlessly together….

[Album Stream] Still Corners – Creatures Of An Hour

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If, like me, you’ve been waiting for Still Corners debut album for what seems like an eternity…..rejoice – the time has come. Creatures Of An Hour is streaming now over on Paste. FINALLY.

[Album Stream] Teeth – Whatever

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LOOK AT THIS it’s Teeth’s album available to stream. It seems like an age ago that I first heard ‘See Spaces’ and fell in love with Teeth, now that their debut has finally arrived it’s good to see that they’ve carried all of the energy of those first demos into the full record (I’m especially happy to see that ‘Pill Program’ made the cut!). This is an album for partying hard and dirty; blast it loud and have the time of your life. (And if you enjoy that you probs should go ahead and order it)

Ears Full #4 [Florence + The Machine / Alex Winston / Teenage Mothers / Fitz & the Tantrums / The Left]

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These tracks are either new to the world, or new to my ears. Tracks falling into the latter category have generally found their way into my brain through listening to Vancouver station The Peak. If you’re not familiar with this particular radio station, I suggest you SORT IT OUT as they play an incredible selection of songs.

My favourite new track here comes courtesy of Florence + The Machine. By the end of Lungs‘ seemingly never-ending run I was honestly bored of Florence and all her yelling/shouting/hollering. Here however, there’s less of the heightened decibels but all of the power, with building vocals and lush instrumentation and harmonies. If her new album is more of this (as well as the other new track to surface, ‘What The Water Gave Me’) I will be impressed.

Niki & the Dove – The Drummer

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Huw Stephens sat in for Zane Lowe last night, and played a new Niki & the Dove song which you can stream via this link (skip to 1hr 15).

The track has much more of dance vibe than what we’ve heard from the band so far, it focuses more on an upbeat tempo and less on the atmospheric instrumentation found on ‘Under The Bridges’ or ‘Mother Protect’. Not that this makes it any less great, it still sounds like Niki & the Dove and still makes my heart beat a little faster with excitement.